For amateur couples
For amateur couples
For amateur couples

For amateur couples

For amateur couples

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Embark on a sensory journey with our Couples Pleasure Package. Explore solo or shared delights with a versatile dildo featuring a secure vacuum base. Heighten passion using the clitoral vibrating rod during penetration or solo play. Included premium lubricating fluid ensures a smooth experience. Elevate intimacy and pleasure with our carefully curated package
Dildo (Size)

Product Details

The middle toy

• Material: FDA approved silicone
• Use environment : 0-40°C
• Waterproof - grade: IPX6

• Product size: 142x40mm
• Product Weight: 119 g

• Operating Voltage: 3.7V
• Battery Life: 45-55min
• Battery Capacity: ≤300mah
• Operating Voltage: 3.7V

The right toy

• Material: FDA approved silicone
• Waterproof level: Silicone sleeve main body
• IPX7 Standard ROHS CE
• Use environment: 0-40°C

• Large Product size: 33x180mm
• Large Product Weight: 203 g

Every product is discreetly packaged, providing you with peace of mind. Our spectacular packaging conceals product details, eliminating any concerns.

Furthermore, our orders are dispatched within 48 hours and sent via express delivery, ensuring swift delivery to your doorstep.


Prepare yourself mentally and physically for an exquisite experience with our Toy.
Create a comfortable, sensual ambiance to ignite your desires and embark on a pleasurable journey.


Find the best position for you to use the toy in which you feel comfortable to unquestionably delight and dream. The experience will bring you to strengths you did not know


Begin to feel or insert the Toy gently, do it at your own pace and listen to yourself. Using the product while being completely calm will take you to a new world where you will be addicted to feeling and mixed emotions


After using the Toy, clean it thoroughly. This involves using mild soap and warm water or a designated toy cleaner. Ensure the Toy is completely dry before storing it in a clean and safe place.


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From our customers

Game changer! Our connection deepened, passion soared. These toys unlocked a world of pleasure we never knew existed. Thank you for the ecstasy!

Thrills like never before! These toys turned mundane nights into electrifying adventures. Intimacy reached new heights, leaving us craving more. A must-have!

Mind-blowing pleasure! Partner and I discovered new dimensions of intimacy. Sensations are unparalleled. These toys exceeded our expectations, making every moment unforgettable.

Solo bliss elevated! This toy unleashed an unparalleled pleasure journey. The intensity of the orgasm and sheer excitement? Insanely mind-blowing! A must-have for an ecstatic solo adventure!

Adore the silky silicone, exceptional quality! Best product quality ever encountered. Lightning-fast delivery, arrived the day after ordering.

Really recommend

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